Governor's Note

Hello LaMissTenn,


Last year, I had the opportunity to serve as your Division 14a Lt. Governor. From attending my first District and International Convention, strengthening my leadership skills, and implementing profound friendships, I could not stay away from the bliss Key Club brings! As I enter my senior year at D’Iberville High School located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I realize I want to continue my efforts of improving the world and impacting the people in it. At first, I was hesitant to campaign for Governor as I questioned my amount of experience. I would ask myself, “Can I handle what this position will throw at me?” I pondered upon this until I reached the conclusion that I could not let fear hinder me from fulfilling my ambitions! Key Club International (KCI) is the oldest and largest service organization for high school students with over 25,000 leadership positions available on the club, district, and international level—that is insane! Sure, there are many service-focused programs out there, but not many members get the opportunity to build character and leadership skills while caring for others. KCI is unique as it is empowered by young adults. As a teenager it can easily feel like you are unheard, but Key Club has helped me develop an influential voice and become who I am. Some of the “professionals” that I have met/will meet along this journey resemble who I strive to be. Although we are experiencing an unprecedented time, I have no doubt the Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee District will show resilience. We cannot accept defeat or excuses as to why this service year cannot be equivalent to or even better than those years before! KCI has almost been established for a century. This means, past fellow servant-leaders have withstood crisis, hostilities, and drastic change. I believe it is important we be just as capable and courageous as they were, now!  American writer Jamais Cascio said, “Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.” With that being said, I cannot wait to continue to grow with you this year. It is my great honor to be serving as your District Governor!

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