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The Launch of the District-Wide FreeRice Challenge

Our district is proud to present the first LaMissTenn virtual service project of this service year! Last year, with COVID-19 running rampant worldwide, finding ways to volunteer virtually gained popularity exponentially, with apps such as FreeRice, becoming the face of such. FreeRice is an app that gives grains to communities in need, just for answering questions correctly, which means you can volunteer wherever you want, whenever you want! The categories you can choose from for questions are vast, so you are almost certain to be able to find a subject that you can master or have already mastered in. The LaMissTenn District wishes to be a big contributor in ending the hunger crisis, so we launched this challenge for our Key Clubs. Not only is this just any project, but this project aligns with the 2021 - 2022 Governor's Project theme: Help the Hungry. ​You can even possibly win a monetary prize for your club! How cool is that?! So, what are you waiting for? View the slides on the right to see how to participate and start planning!

ALSO, don't forget to check out Crawfish Tales, the official newsletter of the Mighty LaMissTenn District!

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