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International Convention and Tour 


Atlanta, Georgia

July 5-12, 2016

You haven’t lived until you have seen an International Convention! It is a game changer for you as an advisor and for your club members.  It is difficult for a member to truly understand the scope of the organization and the power there is in uniting passionate high school leaders from across the globe. Every time my club has had students go, they have come back on fire to lead projects. They hear about project ideas, meet service representatives from the major charitable organizations, and gain insight into how other clubs handle common issues. They become more invested in the organization because they get a voice in choosing the leadership–and they get to personally know some of them, further strengthening the bond.  It is electrifying to be with all those cheering Key Clubbers!!
This is the time to start encouraging your members to go–and perhaps consider going yourself!!  This summer we will be taking a  deluxe charter bus to Atlanta, with stops on the way.  Once there, we will be staying at the  Atlanta Marriott –one of the Hunger Game movies was partially filmed at the hotel.  We’ll be touring CNN Headquarters, World of Coke, Olympic Park,and the Skyview. We’ll go to the Martin Luther King Center, the Margaret Mitchell House, and Swan House. Once the convention closes, we’ll go on to Stone Mountain and see the laser light show. We’ll wrap the tour up with a full day at Six Flags Over Georgia.

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